Jose Andres Fernandez Marmolejo

I'm a seasoned Data Architect with over 10 years of experience.

As a Data Architect, I am passionate about maintaining efficient data governance within organizations. My commitment lies in developing strategic plans based on data models, predictive findings, advanced analytics using Python and cloud services. I apply tools like Power Bi and Tableau for data visualization.

Specializing in

Data Architecture with more than 10 years of experience in the area and has worked in roles related to the creation of data architectures, data mining, statistical analysis and business project management. In addition, skills in programming languages, databases and agile methodologies support this specialty.





Inter-American Development Bank
Washington DC, USA
  • Designed and created a robust data architecture.
  • We apply data mining, ETL and statistical analysis techniques.
  • Performed data cleaning and feature scaling.
  • We generate geospatial visualizations to better understand patterns and trends.
  • I led the creation and organization of a training plan for the team.
  • I promoted the learning and development of team members.
  • We improve business project management and agility.
  • Worked with various cloud accounts to improve the performance of existing data pipelines.
  • We connect new tools to improve the visualization and structure of Big Data.
  • Techology stack: Python, Athena, Pyathena, AWS, Power Bi, Jira, Gitbucket, DevOps, Jenkins, Scruban, MS Excel, SQL, NoSQL, Sistemas Distribuidos

Data Architect Manager

Morena Distribution LLC
Fort Worth, Texas
  • Created data architecture, applied data mining techniques, ETL, statistical analysis, data cleansing, feature scaling, leading to machine learning models and visualizations that drive performance and provide insights, built from prototype to deployment of production.
  • I worked creating deep convulsion networks for image detection, with which we were able to reduce the industrial process in the silver improving the delivery time of products by 35%.
  •  I managed to channel the decision-making of data-oriented investors, implementing strategies such as MDM, creation of data standards and policies, we created Dashboards in Power Bi and Tableau for the general analysis of the company’s situation, for decision-making and KPIs.
  • Supported and led teams through all phases of change management and financial services, partnered with sales to support account renewals and expansions, performed root cause analysis on problem resolution to ensure optimal customer satisfaction and reduced costs, improving financial management.
  • Achieve better management of business projects and agile management by creating, organizing and advising or advising a training plan and other experiences to promote learning, development and job satisfaction of team members.
  • Developed the company’s general operating system (core), which automated and streamlined the daily process and gave staff more time to cover more new clients, increasing company sales by 70% and improving workloads.
  • Technology stack: MDM, RPA, Power Bi, Tableau, Python, API, microservices, DevOps, Cloud, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS, Scrum and Kanban, Jira, MS Excel, KPI, Sql, NoSQL, Azure Databricks, Distributed Systems, Tensorflow.

Big Data Commission Coordinator

Big Data Commission Coordinator Colegio de Profesionales en Informática y Computación (CPIC)
San Jose, CR
  • I worked as coordinator of the commission specialized in Big Data issues for the College of Professionals in Informatics and Computing, we managed to implement and incorporate strict data management controls in accordance with the global data management policy in Finance and public government, creating and executing data projects, distributed systems, APIs, microservices, data processing, solution architectures in a cloud.
  • Designed, analyzed and monitored data architecture with software products, Data Pipeline by integrating multiple packages and big data open-source frameworks in ecosystems such as Hadoop and Spark, python/scala, Airflow and Kafka flows.
  • Work on identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in data streams and data sets, measure, track, and report key performance indicators and quality metrics from large data sets, automated processes, and data processing stages. Existing processes were developed and improved to ensure data ingestion through the ETL platform.
  • Work with management, business users, and teammates to prioritize business and information needs, we can develop queries, portal views, or analytic models to provide leaders with the information and proactive analysis they need to make informed business decisions.
  • We create talks and workshops on data insights and insights, work on managing communications with stakeholders and other teams, collaborating with technical and non-technical colleagues to complete data and analytics projects, as well as enabling all parties to use data and analytics to further improve the business.
  • Monitor the operations of various Tableau and Power Bi environments. Measurement and monitoring of the performance and health of the service and support (SLA, KPI, etc.), for example the Covid-19 dashboard of the Costa Rican government, we were able to improve data cleaning to generate more accurate metrics for the ministries of health.

Data Architect

Bac Credomatic
San Jose, CR
  • I designed, analyzed and monitored all the projects in the region in software development and design of data processing models. We managed to establish a Data Governance executing and monitoring that quality standards are met, we established guidelines, methodologies, policies and procedures at the data level in the organization since we were in charge of all the data architecture and business data designs, of the financial group.
  • I managed to improve the entire workflow of the architecture and technology area, reducing workloads, automating the process with tools such as RPA, ETL and Machine Learning, to generate dashboards in Power Bi for project monitoring, with information from multiple sources. data sources.
  • Develop and implement Master Data Management (MDM) system strategy, bringing together distributed systems, APIs, microservices, databases (relational, NoSQL, or time series), streaming/messaging platforms to achieve improved compliance metrics, and decreasegofinancial and regulatory risks for the various lines of business of the bank.
  • Technology stack: DB2, MDM, RPA, Power Bi, Tableau, Python, microservices, DevOps, API, Cloud, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS, Scrum and Kanban, Jira, MS Excel, KPIs, Sql, NoSQL, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse/Synapse, Azure Data Lake.


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